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Issue 1

Taking The Constitution Away From The Supreme Court of India
Amal Sethi
Guilt Beyond Conviction: The Theory of Residual Doubt in Indian Capital Sentencing
Anushree Malaviya & Rhea Goyal
On The Wrongness of Lies
Cass Sunstein
The Path To Recognition of Data Protection in India: The Role of the GDPR and International Standards
Christopher Kuner
The Case For Decriminalisation of Abortion
Jonathan Herring
From The Ghost of Khimji to The Flaws of Kandla: Deciphering Section 13 of The Commercial Courts Act
Mansi Sood
The Necessity of Imagination: Using The Counterfactual Method to Overcome International Law's Epistemological Limitations
Mohsen al Attar
On The Deity as Juristic Personality: The Religious, The Secular And The Nation in The Ayodhya Dispute And The Ayodhya Judgments (2010 And 2019)
Rahul Govind
Case Note: The Commissioner of Income Tax v. M/S Nalwa Investments Ltd and Others
Nigam Nuggehalli
A Tribute to The Enduring Constitution (Book Review)
MP Singh

Issue 2

And Then There Were None...The Dismantling of The Appellate Body and The Future of International Trade Dispute Settlements
Moushami Joshi
Of A Tunnel and A (Qualified) Traffic: Amendment Orders, Sampat Prakash, And The Recasting of Article 370 
Zaid Deva
Local Governance, National Agendas, And Transnational Corporations: India's 100 Smart Cities Mission
Mariana Valverde, Bethamehi Joy Syiem, Shivangi Mishraand Prasad Khanolkar
Separating Crime From Punishment: What India's Prisons Might Tell Us About Its Criminal Process
Abhinav Sekhri
Covid-19 & Law in India and Australia— Lessons From The Pandemic For The Costs & Delays of legal Process
Justice (Retd.) Michael Kirby
The Evolution of Risk Management Oversight By Indian Boards 
Afra Afsharipour & Manali Paranjpe
Counterproductive Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies: A Review of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Bill, 2020
Prabha Kotiswaran and Sneha Banerjee
Covid-19, Digital Finance And Existential Sustainbility Crises: Opportunities And Challenges For Law And Regulation in The 2020s
Douglas W Arner, Ross P Buckley, Andrew M Dahdal, and Dirk A Zetzsche
Human RIghts: A Secular Religion With Legal Crowbars From Europe With Hesitation
Serge Gutwirth & Paul De Hert
The Promise of Machine Learning For the Courts in India
Sandeep Bhupatiraju, Daniel L. Chen & Shareen Joshi
The Law of Constitutional Characterisation 
Laurence Claus

Issue 1

'Kahler v. Kansas: Insanity and the Historical Understanding of Mens Rea
Michael Louis Corrado
How Stereotypes about Indians are used to promote Abortion Restrictions in the United States?
Sital Kalantry
The Enduring Gaps and Errors in Capital Sentencing in India
Anup Surendranath, Neetika Vishwanath, and Preeti Pratishruti Dash
Crimes by Children in Conflict with the Law – Heinousness, Acceptability, and Age of Adulthood: A Comprehensive Critique of the Present Juvenile Justice System
Aanchal Kabra and Pratyay Panigrahi
Admissibility and Proof of RTI Documents under the Indian Evidence Act
Gaurav Bhawnani and Aditya Mehta
An Empirical Assessment of the Collegium’s Impact on Composition of the Indian Supreme Court
Rangin Tripathy and Soumendra Dhanee
The General Executive Power of the Union of India and the Commonwealth of Australia: A Comparative Analysis
Peter Gerangelos
Carbon Tax as Discrimination: Revisiting the Legal Standard of National Treatment in WTO Law
Zaker Ahmad
Insider Trading: Circumstantial Evidence is Evidence Enough?
Rajat Sethi, Misha Chandna, and Aditi Agarwal

Issue 2

Democracy and Political Marginality: Reading Invisible Resistance to Political Reservation in India
Jagannath Ambagudia
Chebrolu Leela Prasad: Making Apparent The Existing Gaps in Reservations Jurisprudence
Shivam Singh and Harpreet Singh Gupta
Affirmative Action Under Article 15(3): Reassessing The Meaning of "Special Provisions" For Women
Unnati Ghia
Recent Damages to India's Social Justice Architecture
D. Shyam Babu

Issue 1

The Space Needed for Parody within Copyright Law Reflections following Deckmyn

             Catherine Seville

Corporate Governance and the Indian Private Equity Model

             Afra Afsharipour

Investor Rights after the Crisis

             Andira Amnita Anand

Indemnities and the Indian Contract Act 1872

             Wayne Courtney

Making Tom, Dick and Harry Pay for Paul's Follies

             Sandeep Verma

Special Juvenile Police Unit

             Vishrut Kansal

Issue 2

The Excel Crop Case and Relevant Turnover in the Competition Act 2002

             Arjun Krishnan

Patents and Competition Law: Identifying Jurisdictional Metes and Bounds in the Indian Context

             J. Sai Deepak

Establishing Breach of Section 3 of the Competition Act, 2002 the Indian Bid Rigging Cases

             John Handoll

Is Competition Law the Analgesic for the Indian Healthcare Sector

             Murali Neelakantan

Section 3(5)(i) of the Competition Act - An Analysis

             Paramjeet Berwal

Defining Control: A Study of the Jet-Etihad Case

             Rajat Sethi, Simran Dhir & Dhruv Agarwal

Transcript of the VIIIth NLSIR Symposium on Competition Law

Issue 1

Legal Aid and Access to Justice in England and India

             Andrew Higgins

A Comparative Analysis of Indian Privacy Law and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross-Border Privacy Rules

             David J. Kessler, Sue Ross & Elonnai Hickok

Rape and the Definition of Consent

             Jonathan Herring

Section 300(C) of the Indian Penal Code: From First Principles

             Mark McBride

Right to Education: Edging Closer to Realisation or Furthering Judicial Conundrum

             Aishwarya Ayushmann & Deepthi Bavirisetty

Constitutional Law

             K. Pragalad Bhat

Issue 2


Thin Safeguards and Mass Surveillance in India

             Chinmayi Arun

Credibility Assessment in Refugee Status Determination

             Douglas McDonald

State Surveillance and the Right to Privacy in India: A Constitutional Biography

             Gautam Bhatia

The Prime Minister's Fingerprints: Aadhar and the Garrotting of Civil Liberties

             Shyam Divan

Transcript of the VIIth Annual National Law School of India Review Symposium: Bridging the Security-Liberty Divide

Book Review

The Informal Constitution Book Review

             Subhang Nair

Issue 1

Competiton Laws and the Indian Economy Guest Article

             Altamas Kabir

Criminalization of Cartel Activity - A Desirable Goal for India's Competition Regime

             Ariel Ezrachi & Jioi Kindl

Structured Sentencing in England and Wales: Recent Developments and Lessons for India

             Julian V. Roberts, Umar Azmeh & Kartikeya Tripathi

PACE (The Police and Criminal Evidence) Act 1984: Past, Present and Future

             Michael Zander

Obtaining U.S. Discovery from U.S. Entities, for Cases in India or International Arbitration

             Ronan J. McHugh, Katherine C. Smith & Roberto Garcia

The Development of the Prerogative Remedies in England and India: The Student becomes the Master

             Christopher Forsyth & Nitish Upadhyaya

Access to Knowledge in India

             Lea Shaver

A Realist's Account of the Bombay High Court's Decision in the Vodafone Case

             K. Swaminathan & Gouri Puri

Corporate Criminal Liability and Securities Offerings: Rationalizing the Iridium-Motorola Case

             Mihir Naniwaderkar & V. Umakanth

Bad Characters, History Sheeters, Budding Goondas and Rowdies: Police Surveillance Files and Intelligence Databases in India

             Mrinal Satish

Issue 2

Interpretation of Tax Treaties: An Art Yet to be Mastered

             Aseem Chawla

Permanent Establishment Issues in Indian Outsourcing Transactions

             Ravishankar Raghavan

The Direct Taxes Code, 2010 - Ushering in Controlled Foreign Corporation Rules in India

             Sunil Jain

India's Taxation Regime: Perspectives on the Proposed Changes

             Y. Shiva Santosh Kumar

Discerning India's Evolving Conception of Taxable Income - An Interdisciplinary Perspective

             Gouri Puri

Sale for You, Service for Him, Both for the Taxman

             Ananth Padmanabhan & Giridharan Padmanabhan

Indiscriminate Tribunalisation and the Exclusive Judicial Domain: An Analysis of the 42nd Amendment in the Light of Decisions of the Supreme Court

             Gautam Swarup

VAT Refunds in Cross-Border Transactions: The International Experience

             Krishna Shorewala

Gannon Dunkerley and the Test of Dominant Intention Essay

             Anupama Kumar

Issue 1


The Role of Foreign Precedents in a Country's Legal System

             K. G. Balakrishnan

Appointments to Final National Courts - Lessons from Charles Darwin

             Michael Kirby

The Role of Independent Directors in Controlled Firms in India: Preliminary Interview Evidencer

             Vikramaditya Khanna & Shaun J. Mathew

Non Conventional Trade Marks in India

             Dev Gangjee

Groping in the Dark: The Extending Arms of the Indian International Withholding Tax

             Shreya Rao & Bijal Ajinkya

The Conflict between Freedom of the Press and Parliamentary Privileges: An Unfamiliar Twist in a Familiar Tale

             Shivprasad Swaminathan

The Jurisprudence of Police Intelligence Files and Arrest Records Guest Article

             James B. Jacobs

Unveiling the Rights: Corporate Citizenship in India Post State Trading Corporation Essay

             Krishnaprasad K. V.

Domestic and International Tax Treatment of Royalties and Fees for Technical Services Essay

             Ajay Prasad & Rohit Bhat

Case Comment

Flashing Badges and Design - Copyright

             Manasvini Raj

Issue 2

India's Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines 2009: Rhetoric or Reality

             Umakanth Varottil

Related Party Transactions: Empowering Boards and Minority Shareholders to Prevent Abuses

             Ami Galani & Nathan Rehn

Anti-Avoidance Measures

             T. P. Ostwal & Vikram Vijayaraghavan

Minority Shareholders Buying Out Majority Shareholders - An Analysis

             M. Rishi Kumar Dugar

The Legal Status of BCCI: Unwarranted Ad-Hocism, Constitutional Hudles and the Pressing Need for a Cricket-Legislation

             Aditya Sondhi

Legal Position of a Nominee - Legatee or Trustee

             Preeti Sukthanker

Taking Rights Seriously - the Supreme Court on Strict Scrutiny

             Raag Yadav

Jurisprudence in and as Mahabharata: An Edifying Epic

             Rahul Singh

Issue 1


Reservations for Women: The Way Forward Special Article

             Rajeev Dhavan

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts: A Comparison between the Legal Positions in India and South Africa

             Avinash Govindjee & Sairam Bhat

Proper Law in International Arbitrations Involving Contractual Claims: When Parties Fail to Choose

             Debanshu Mukherjee

Artificial Insemination and the Family

             Priyasha Saksena

Notes and Comments

Special and Differential Treatment in International Trade: A Developing Country Perspective

             A. Jayagovind

Issue 2

Judicial Activism & Patent Law

             P. P. Naolekar

Ducking TRIPS in India: A Saga Involving Novartis and the Legality of Section 3(D)

             Shamnad Basheer & Prashant Reddy

Painting the Swan Black: On the Art of Re-Inventing Inventions

             Feroz Ali Khader

Patent Judicial Wisdom

             Srividhya Raghavan

Patenting of Research Tools - Issues and Some Pointers

             Zakir Thomas

Patent Protection through Interim Injunctions: Adding Sting to the Enforcement of Indian Patent Law

             Ashutosh Kumar

Software Patents in the Indian Framework: An Economic of Problems and Prospects

             Meera Jayakumar & A. Harsha Vardhan

Direct Price Control on Patented Drugs in India: The Probable Effects on Innovations and Access to Medicines

             Ajay Prasad & Vasha Iyengar

Issue 1


Private Equity Fund Structuring Special Article

             Jonathan Blake & Ajay Pathak

Justification and Excuse in the Criminal Law: Defences under the Indian Penal Code

             Ameya Kilara

Who Are the Other Backward Classes

             Nirupama Pillai

The Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005 - A Critique Current Developments

             Mani Gupta

BSNL v. Union, (2006) 3 S.C.C. 1 Current Developments

             V. Niranjan & Prateek Chadha

Case Concerning Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Uganda): Reviewing the Concept of Occupation in International Humanitarian Law Current Developments

             Chandralekha Ghosh

Notes and Comments

Regulation of Takeover Defenses: A Comparative Study of Buyback of Shares as a Takeover Defense

             Sakshi Gupta

Women as Coparceners: Ramifications of the Amended Section 6 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956

             Shivani Singhal

Issue 2

Selecting Mediators and Representing Clients in Cross-Cultural Disputes

             Harold Abramson

The Scope of Public Policy under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

             O. P. Malhotra

The Road Less Travelled - An Increasingly Attractive Path

             Sriram Panchu

Arbitration in India - Some Myth Dispelled

             Aditya Sondhi

The Bargain Has Been Struck: A Case for Plea Bargaining in India

             Sonam Kathuria

Opening the Pandora's Box: An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Decision in S.B.P. v. Patel Engineering

             O. P. Malhotra

Percept D'Mark (India) Pvt. Ltd. v. Zaheer Khan & Anr. (2006) 4 SCC 227

             Divya Anne Jeswant & Parul Kumar


Thoughts on Environmental Public Hearings Special Comment

             Justice AR. Lakshmanan

Legal Strategies to Combat Corruption: Some Developments in the SAARC Region

             Kamal Hossain

Constitutional Perspectives on Good Governance

             Aditya Sudarshan

Notes and Comments

Shifting Trends in Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof: An Analysis of the Malimath Committee Report Notes and Comments

             Pooja Garg

Matrimonial Communications: Wedded to the Irrational

             Tanmay Amar

The Model Law for Refugees: An Important Step Forward

             Arun Sagar and Farrah Ahmed

Care Notes

Suresh Gupta v. Government of NCT, Delhi, (2004) 6 S.C.C.C. 422

             Aparna Chandra


Maxwell v. Mimamsa

             Justice B. N. Srikrishna

Legislative Circumvention of Judicial Restrictions on Reservations: Political Implications

             P. P. Rao & Ananth Padmanabhan

Notes and Comments

Roman Impact on Common Law: Legend or Legacy

             K. Sriram

Stone Gods and Earthly Interests: The Jural Relations and Consequence of Attributing Legal Personality to Hindu Idols

             Kartick Maheshwari & Vishnu Vardhan

Cooperative Legislation and Article 252: Implications for Indian Federalist

             Arjun Krishnan & Vishnu Vardhan Shankar

Madness at the Margins: The Place of Foucault and Derrida in the Postmodern Critique of Law

             Abu Mathen George


The Development of Universal Banking: An Analysis of the Legal Regimes in USA and India

             Amrut S. Joshi & M. P. Kartick

From Sunna to Smriti: A Roadmap of Religious Traditions

             Faiz Tajuddin

Notes and Comments

Supranational Federalism: A Study of the European Union

             Neha Jain

Anti-Dumping Law and the Treatment of Non-Market Economies

             Pallavi Gopinath

Skeptical about the Rule of Law

             Sri Devi Venkataswamy

Law Reporting: Past, Practice and Developments

             K. Sriram

A Study of Rehabilitative Penology as an Alternative Theory of Punishment

             Namita Wahi

The development of anti-dumping law in INDIA

             Kartik Anand and Sandeep Jindal

Vol13 Cover
Investor: State arbitration: The politicisation of foreign investment law

             Devashish Krishnan

Liberalisation of Government procurement regimes: Issues and implications for INDIA

             Divyabharati Sharma

Past sexual history: exploding the myth

             Poornima Hatti and M.P. Karthik

Withdrawal from prosecution: current crisis and controversial application

             Poornima Hatti and Rati Ranga

The future of state sovereignty: emerging concerns in the internet era

             Nithin Masilamani and Anoop John

Interpretation and misinterpretation in part XIII

             Neelanjan Maitra

When comparisons are odious: comparative advertising and disparagement

             Pai and Balakrishnan

Writ compensation: Issues and perspectives

             Pai and Kumar

Reverse onus classes: A comparitive law perspective

             Rahul Singh

Expropriation: A crisis in International law

             Srishti Jha

Administrative Tribunals in India A Welcome Departure From Orthodoxy

             Arun Roy V and Vishnu Jerome

Discretionary Powers of the President under the Indian Constitution

             Mrinal Satish

Dissolution of the Lok Sabha

             Tanusri Prasanna

Does a Patient Have the Right to Refuse Medical Treatment

             Nishant Kumar Singh

Exit Polls Do They Need an Exit

             Piyush Mishra and Ankur Jain

Fifty Years of Human Rights Protection in India The Record of 50 Years of Constitutional Practice

             Fali S Nariman

Fundamental Rights During a Proclamation of Emergency The Indian Experience

             Shyamkrishna Balganesh

Look But Dont Touch A Critique of the Indian Position on Evidence

             Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan and Sammer Singh

Mercy Petitions Inadequacies in Practice

             Poornima Sampath and Priyadarshini Narayanan

Patenting of Organisms The Distinction Between Lower and Higher Life Forms

             Shyamkrishna Balganesh

Quo Vadis India The Glory and Grand Development The Rise and Fall of Indian Democracy

             VR Krishna Iyer

The Indian Constitution and Customary International Law Problems and Perspectives

             Nishant Kumar Singh

The Interaction Between Public and Private International Law Some New Trends

             Gautam Narasimhan and William V John

Treaties are Treaties and Custom is Custom and Never the Twain Shall Meet The Interplay of Treaties and Custom in International Law

             Dipen Sabharwal

Are flashbacks permitted in the drama of the law?

             Saif Gangjee

Biological diversity of india as a resource

             Gautam and Abhishek

Euro issues the road ahead

             Shishir Mehta

Indirect Takeover controversies

             Chaithanya and Sujatha

Introduction of derivatives in india

             Ranjeesh and Somanath

JMM bribery case

             Yashsvi and Saviprasad

Our obligations towards posterity

             Pramod Nair

Prelim Pages
Should lawyers be allowed to advertise

             Nishanth Kumar Singh

Special reference regarding appointment of judges

             Dipen and Pranav

The ball is in your court

             Manav Nagaraj

The colour of bad money

             Mrinal Chandran

The doctrine of frustration

             Vinay Reddy and Prakash

The law of anti-defection

             Saviprasad and Vinay Reddy

The legal reginme ByDevashish and Debkanya
The world court and the development of salient principles

             Gautam Narasimhan

Bharat kumar v. State of Kerala

             Rahul and Mathew

Controlling Pollution through trade restrictions

             Smithe Murthy

Corporate criminal liability

             Sumith Boudh

Do be do be do ,Language, law and the theory of deconstruction

             Thushna Tapliyal

Environment Impact Assessment

             Georga and Shamik

Internal Self Determination

             Maling Gombu and Julie

NBFC regulation

             Gautam Rohidekar

Prelim Pages
Prospective Overruling

             Vinay Reddy

Revisiting s. 105 of Indian

             Gautam Narasimhan

Should Lawyers be brought under COPRA

             Sujatha Iyengar and Gautam Narasimhan

Should Lawyers be brought under COPRA Rejoinder

             Anuj and Prabhat

State Sponsored Terrorism

             Samir Gandhi

Tax Implications on reverse mergers

             Vinod George Joseph

The companies bill 1997

             Nitynandan and Suhas

The constitution on the coffee table

             Vineet subramani

The Polluter Pays Principle

             Shyel and Shuva

Towards a better Legal Education

             Aravind Nrain

Why doesn't ignorantia juris excuse

             Ankit and Nandan


A Cage Went in Search of a Bird Positive Law and Franz Kafka
A Feminist Perspective of Womens International Human Rights Law and the UN
Common Property Resources Contribution and Tragedy

             Abhay Kumar Sinha

Coparcenary Rights of Female Hindus

             Sumit Mallik

Double Taxation Review of the UN Model

             Jatinder Aneja and Bhavna Singh

G Vishwanthan vs Speaker Tamil Nadu A Review

             Mrinal Chandran

Gian Kaur vs Punjab A Requiem for Reason

             P Ramaswamy

Indian Medical Association vs VP Shantha 1995 6 SCC 651
Is it Time for an International Court of Environmental Justice

             Vikram Raghavan

Lockerbie and Beyond Where Does the World Court Go From Here?
Terrorism and the Sentencing Policy of the Supreme Court

             Nandan Kamath and Ankit Majumdar

The Bretton Woods Institutions

             Diya Kapur and Gaurav Talwar

The New Takeover Code Poised to Take Off

             Anil Suraj and PK Prabhat

The Red Cross Movement The Law and the Laudable

             Tapan Patti

The Right to Self Determination A Conceptual Analysis

             Dipen Saharwal and Abhay Kumar Sinha

The Truth is Out There A Critical Evaluation of the RIght to Information

             Dev Saif Gangajee and Kallol Das

The United Nations and Drug Abuse Control A Critique

             Richa Gautam

The United Nations at 50 Perspectives on the Need for Reform

             Nikhil Narayanan and Suagata Mukherjee

The United Nations in the Era of the Social Clause

             Varghese Thomas and Anand Damodaran

The United Nations of America

             Shilpa Bhandarkar and Rahul Rao

The United Nations Pan Arabism and Israel Crystallization to Catastrophe

             Arkaja Singh and Shyel Trehan

UNCTAD and International Trade The Forgotten Link

             Gautam Rohidekar

United Nations and Global Peace and Security

             Pooja Sinha and Sudhir Krishnaswamy

United Nations A Costly but Powerless Forum

             Sarita Mohanty

Book Review

Dr Avtar Singh Company Law

             Apurva Agarwal

The new economic Policy vis a vis exise law

             Damayanthi Shahani

The Law of Attempts and the Shifting Basis of Criminal Law in modern society

             Saugatha Mukerjee

Revisiting Hollington v. Hewthorn: Suggestion for a new ecidentiary principle

             Biswajeet Chattarjee

Reforming the law relating to attempt a proposal

             Vinod George Joseph

Obscenity as defined under sec 292 IPC do we need sucha a concept

             Aravind Narain

Legal Fall out og Internationalisation

             Suman nad Suneeth

Alternative Development NGO in 3rd world countires

             Sujatha Iyengar

The validity of the provision relating to credit facilities under the Modvat scheme

             Manoj S. Menon

An Interpretative Analysis of Art 2.7 of the U.N charter

             Q. M. Mariij Uddin

Reservation of HR treaties a threat to universality of HR

             Q.M. Mariij Uddin

Proposed changes in arbitration law

             Nikhil Narayanan

Article 16(4) an ammendment or an overhaul

             Gautam Rohidekar

Foreign Instruments, conflict of laws and attempts for unification

             Anand Mohan Bhattarai

Escaped turnover assessment under sales tax law

             H. Karthik Sheshadri

Isurgency and International Law and its legal consequences

             Ranbir Singh

Codification of Parliamentary privileges

             M.S. Nigam and M.G. Vineetha

Minority Educational Institutions a need for prudent regulation

             Arathi Ramakrishnan and Sanjay Bhavikatte

The efficacy of the composite code theory in Indian Constitutional Law

             Vikramjeet Banarjee

Control of abuse of Administrative Discretion Judicial trends

             Ravitej Rao M.

Fugue State in relation to criminal behavior

             Ashwin Mathew

The transplant regime pancea or placebo

             Sandeep G.

Death Sentence- Rethinking in terms of abolition

             Arathi Ramakrishnan

The Sarovar Project and its implications

             Prashanth Shabeshan

Professional Misconduct Reexamined

             Shobitha and Rabindra

The eyewash that is sovereign liability

             Anand Damodaran and Priya Pillai

Table of Content


Emerging economic laws: The concept of liberalisation


GATT and the welfare state, problems and prospects

             V. Umakanth

The companies bill, 1993-A review

             Aparna Srinivas and Sai Krishna Rajgopal

Regulating the Stock Broker, Emerging Legal Regime and New challenges

             Prashanth Sabeshan

VAT a Value addition to the economy

             Srikanth B. Navale and Nandini Nagesh

Buy back shares by a company An Anaylisis

             B.S. Padmashree and N.S. Nigam

An analysis of forward trading and lease of shares

             Ashish A. Ahuja

Trade Related IPR and Indias Economic Development

             N.S. Gopalakrishnan

Law and Practice of Takeovers in India

             Stephen Mathias

The Pre natal Diagnostic Technique Act 1994

             Nichole Menezes

Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act 1993

             Siddharth Raja

State Inaction through Law a critique of the constitution 73 ammendment

             Shraddha V. Chigateri

Regulation in advertising

             Ruchika Chanana

SC, Complete jusice and aritcle 142

             Harish B.N. and Protima

Rationale for Special Review under Customs Act.

             Vikramjeet and Gaurav

Right to Primary Education

             Saugatha Mukerjee

Right to Reply Bill, A critique

             Sivakameswari Vishwanathan

Speedy Justice A concillatory approach

             R.I. D'sa

Right to legal Info and the rule of law

             Sumeet Mallik

HR Retrospect and prospect

             T.R. Shivaranjani

Law on Sati and Suicide

             Menaka Guruswamy

S.R Bomnai v. Union of India

             B.N. Harish and Vikram Raghavan

Table of Content

Book Review

No pity people with disabilities

             Prabha Kotiswaran

Social Action through mediation
Lok Adalats A practical Examination

             Ashish A. Ahuja

Prostitution, Sex work and Law Reform

             Anitha Shenoy and Thomas

Practising Feminist Law: Some reflections

             Naina Kapoor and Kriti singh

Whether NGOs should get into the litigative process

             Probal Bahudri and Yamini Pande

On a Displaced Person

             R. V. Anuradha

Role of SC towards a new prison jurisprudence

             Saket Singh

Marital Rape as a Socio economic offence

             Aditya Shroff anf Nichole

Constitution and Secularism-Rejoinder

             Prof. V. Vijaya Kumar.

Compensation through writ petitions An analysis of case law

             Vikram Raghavan

Legislation as a Solution to the problem of narcotic drugs

             Srinivas S. Kaushik

Pharma Drugs Apathy of law

             Esthar Thomas and Geetanjali Srikanthan

Burden of Proof vis-a-vis General Exceptions

             Harish B.N.

The motor vehicles act in relation and to environmental pollution in bbangalore

             Manoharan and Krishnappa

Case Comment SC Advocates on Record v. Union of India

             Vikram Raghavan and P.Ramaswamy.

D.K Yadav v. JMA industries Ltd.,

             Manisha and Arun

Ram Meru v. State of Gujarat

             Lavanya Rajamani

Sheela Barse v. Union of India

             Ram Anand Shankar

New development in tort
End of modernity

             Sitaramam Kakarla

Table of Content
Torture and Rape in Police Custody

             P. Srikrishnadeva Rao


The new economic policy and Economic Power

             Sanjay Bhatia

In Defence of the new economic policy

             V. Laxmi Narayanan

Liberalisation v. Regulation an appeal of the SEBI and its guidelines for investor protection

             Joseph Pokkatt

Refund under exise law, Scope for review

             Prabha K.

Computer Programmes vis a vis the copyright (ammendment) bill 1992

             G.S.Sri Vidya

ASEAN Bilaterism or Regionalism

             Saumya Gopalan

Why India Should Adopt the Dunkel Draft Patent Proposals

             Prof. Martin J. Adelman

New Economic Policy and Consumer Protection

             Vinati nad Yamini

New Economic Policy Implications for labour

             Suniti Guptha and Dinesh

Securities Scam-A legal Perspective

             Sanjay Bhatia

White collar crimes with specific reference to sec 630, Indian Companies Act

             Thomas and Vivek

Hazardous Industries and Liberalization

             Diwakar Agarwal

An overview of Industrial Policies in India

             S. Padmanabhan

Indra Sawhney v. Union of India

             Vikram Singh

Right to Education

             Ranbir Singh

The economics of Education

             Stephen Mathias

Sterling Computers LTd v. MN Publishers

             Gnanendra Kumar

Intellectual Property and Economic development

             L. Viswanathan

Table of Content

Book Review

A review of Economic Liberalization

             Lawrence Surendra

Public interest litigation and control of government

             N. Santhosh Hegde

Minimum Wages Act A feminist critique

             Prabha Kotiswaran

Armia Rossencraz et al, Environmental Law and Policy in India

             Nandan S. Nelvigi

The new economic policy and concentration of Economic Power

             V. Umakanth

Housing, Development and Gender Justice

             R.V. Anuradha

Kewalchand Jain An eye opener on corroboration

             Saumya Gopalan

S.P Sathe the right to know, N.M. Tripati Ltd.,1991

             Minakshi Raghavan

Women Age of marriage

             Probal Bhaduri

NavRattanmal v. State of Rajasthan Perpetuating Fallacies

             Prashanth Mendiratta

Table of Content
Personal laws and the constitution

             Sundari Krishna

Why a Fundamental Right to know

             V. Suresh

The need for a National Judicial Commisssion-critique of the NJC bill 1990

             G. Ramapriya

Table of Content
When preventive jurisprudence becomes primitive jurisprudence

             Dayan Krishnan

The HAMA and surrogacy

             R. Latha

Erosion of FR. The terrorist and disruptive activities act 1985

             Sri Krishna Deva Rao

Media autonomy-overdue of premature?

             Malavika Jayaram

The Chinappa swamy reddy report
The secundrabad conspiracy case

             Minakshi Raghavan

Family Courts-Anti women

             D. Nagasaila

The National commission for women act 1990 - a critical review

             Savitha Krishnamurty

Marital rape and criminal law: patriarchal phantoms and neutral facades

             S. Devika and T. Mohan

Preliminary Pages
Trans-national Torts By Savitha Krishna Murthy. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
The saga of the Indian Press By Poornima R. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Moot court team report By G. Nataraj National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Criminalization of copying in exams By Dr. N. L. Mitra. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Women Prisoners-custody or malady? By Reena Patel. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Electoral Reforms By Vijaya Kumar V. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Law and euthanasia By Ramapriya G. and Roopa M. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Reservation-how and why? By Ajit Warrier. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
About our students By M. Shaila Kunchur. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore
Amnesty International By Aparna Mukharjee. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Hazardous technology, Environmental pollutions and MNC's: A dangerous combination By Nikhil Nayyar.
An attempt to make a judgement By S.V. Joga Rao. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
21st century-nuclear war or gandhiism By G. Natraj. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
SBA an overview By Nikhil Nayyar. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Women Advocates of Bangalore By M.G. Poojitha. National Law school of INDIA University, Bangalore.
Drug Laws- Is there a case for reform? By Joseph Pokkatt