Tuesday, January 25, 2022


The Project Conversion Cell (PCC) is an initiative of the Student Advocate Committee which aims to help students at NLSIU improve upon their writing skills and contribute to legal scholarship. Students at law school often make excellent projects which, with some guidance and additional effort, can easily be converted into articles of publishable quality. To this end, the Committee calls for submissions of student projects bi-annually and offers detailed feedback and publication-related advice.

The 2019-2020 PCC saw participation by around 80 students, each sending in a project from one of their legal subjects. These pieces were carefully reviewed by members of the editorial board, and several students expressed that the found the reviews extremely constructive. Many students also successfully secured publications in top law reviews and blogs. The Committee encourages students to participate in larger numbers this year.


The Student Advocate Committee regularly organises workshops on aspects of legal writing. This includes an annual Research and Publication Workshop in the third trimester of each academic year (which spans March through May), as well as workshops on editing and reviewing legal literature.


Starting this year, the Student Advocate Committee has taken upon the mandate of hosting webinars and online panel discussions with renowned legal scholars and practitioners. Through this, the Committee seeks to promote sustained legal engagement with contemporaneous issues throughout the year, and to supplement the discourse at the annual NLSIR Symposium. We encourage legal practitioners and students to engage with these deliberations through submissions to our online counterpart, NLSIR Online.